The Velveteen Lounge

Client: Taylor Locke

Taylor Locke is a very talented singer/songwriter who achieved national success with the LA based band Rooney before forming his own band Taylor Locke and the Roughs who have just finished recording their third full length LP, this one recorded in its entirety in the studio which SaS designed and built for him.

Taylor was looking for was a hybrid design that I expect to become a common norm in new studio construction: a multi purpose rehearsing/recording/video/performance space allowing the creative artist to truly work at home. The live room started life as a large three car garage to which was added a 450 sq. ft. extension which became the control room (with an attached half bathroom). Taylor was absolutely delighted with the end results, but you can see that for yourself since this time we had Tre Giles our CEO on hand to pose the questions, and Ed Davis on camera to record the results.

The Studio Exterior

The double garage on the right was pre existing though we built a room-within-a-room to gain our live space. We constructed the addition on the left to appear as a natural extension of the garage.

The Control Room and its Elements

The Control Room. The position of the SaS, Inc. plaque provides a first hint of our exhaustive pursuit of centerline symmetry.

Taylor Locke‘s many guitars.

A custom built FX pedal cabinet which mimics a mirror image window in the facing wall.

The SaS, Inc. plaque. “If you’re proud of your work, sign it!”

The Control Room access door. its acoustic treatment mirrors the facing wall as seen in the next photograph.

Cable storage area and guitar FX pedal cabinet. The entire studio was designed for convenience.

The rear window. This was also designed for acoustic symmetry and works to improve the sound environment at the room’s rear, however the room’s actual window could not be centered on the Control Room’s rear wall, by splitting the  unit between transparency and opacity we juxtapose the demands of acoustic and visual symmetry; honoring one, denying the other.

The Velveteen Lounge

The live room is tri-purposed: Recording, Rehearsal, and Broadcast. The last requirement was the one that prompted the room’s Baroque n’ Roll-Magic -Theatricality (‘For Madmen Only!’)

Behind the drapes are concealed a proprietary system of variable acoustic treatment of acoustically absorbent mobile bags.

The Acoustic curtain/Hardwood paneling junction. Two acoustic possibilities.

The way in.

Guitars, pano and amps. Polyphony!

Mini split HVAC partially disguised by a custom manufactured cover. Each room features its own dedicated HVAC system.

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