The Escape Pod

Client: Photocall – Eli Epstein

The Escape Pod

The ‘Escape Pod’ is built inside one half of a Hollywood Loft’s 2 car garage. These stairs connect studio and home.

The Escape Pod’s Futuristic Design

Ceiling detail.

Inside the pod. Eli has a deep appreciation and enjoyment of modernist design and was also very open minded to  original solutions. The curved ceiling is a stressed membrane designed to function as a low frequency absorber.

Airlock to garage.

A light fixture which we custom built for the room’s rear. It also functions as a broadband absorber by virtue of its design and location.

Ceiling detail.

The Satisfied Client

Eli Epstein at work in the pod.

Stylishly Executed Ventilation Ducts

Custom intake/exhaust vents. designed and manufactured by SaS and presented to Eli as an appreciation of the experience of having him as a client.
“I wanted to drop a hint from the moment you step out of your car that you have arrived somewhere ‘special’. I didn’t want the vents to ‘read’ as vents, but instead provoke the observer to wonder, ‘Hey what do they do? What is this place?’ I wanted to prime them for the experience of walking through the airlock and seeing the room for the first time”. Robert Paul Mune – SaS designer.

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