Infrasonic Sound Recording Co

Client: Infrasonic Sound Recording Co.

Established in 2004 by partners Jeff Ehrenberg and Pete Lyman, Infrasonic Sound is perhaps best explained by their steadily expanding client roster: No Age, Fool’s Gold, Best Coast, Wavves, The Soft Pack, The Dandy Warhols, People Under the Stairs, Qui, The Mars Volta, Beck, Shooter Jennings, Le Butcherettes, Butch Walker, Dead Man’s Bones, Daniel Johnston, The Like and more have all worked with Infrasonic’s team of engineers.

Located just 5 miles away in the Echo Park neighborhood of L.A. is Infrasonic Mastering. Principal Mastering Engineer Pete Lyman and GRAMMY Award winning Engineer John Greenham operate out of three dedicated mastering studios and a one-of-a kind vinyl cutting room, equipped with Infrasonic’s vintage Scully lathe. The facility was constructed by Rob Maune of Sound and Structure; tuned for exceptional acoustical response and a comfortable listening environment for audio, CD and vinyl mastering sessions.

The Corridor

Built using an unconventional combination of thin luan sheet and site milled poplar trim strips. Luan is sold as a very economical floor underlayment, but by cherry picking through hundreds of sheets we were able to find enough that were attractively figured and which could be employed. The balance were returned.
Infrasonic Sound Recording Company
The ‘digital fragment’ end wall design was pieced together over several weeks from poplar offcuts which would otherwise have been discarded as scrap.

“I wanted to suggest the calm elegance of an imaginary 1930s ocean liner, yet also take benefit of the day’s changing light. Working long hours in a studio it is easy to lose track of the day’s progress. When you step out of the mastering suites at Infrasonic the corridor’s changing aspects reconnect you with the world outside and remind you of time’s passing.” Robert Paul MuneSaS designer.

Twin Mastering Suites and their Design

The rooms themselves are identical mirror images of the other except that the engineers different choices of monitoring systems allows for some very useful A/B comparisons. Perhaps a unique aspect to Infrasonic’s mastering facilities?

Pete Lyman‘s room showing its unusual ‘notched pipe’ arrangement; both bass trap and HVAC.

Rose colored footlights provide hues reminiscent of high desert dawn and sunset.

Matching bass trap polys at rooms’ rear.

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