Fireside Studios

Client: Christopher Thorn

Christopher Thorn — “Christopher led me to a muddy patch in the backyard of his Silverlake home, careful to warn me around many piles of dog poop. Finally, he gestured toward a cleared area of dirt: ‘I’d like the tracking room here,’ he said. Indeed, Chris knew just what he wanted: a tracking room that would allow LOUD recording 24/7, but, naturally, would sound great and look beautiful, too. After moving a sprinkler system, a drain, the air conditioner and the power supply, we poured a fresh concrete slab strong enough to hold a block of 8″-thick walls filled with sand, then added a double-leaf wall-and-roof system designed to act as a low pass filter. The internal walls were designed to return enough sonic energy to the room that musicians would be excited to play, but to absorb and redirect the surplus so the room would be controllable and predictable. Chris wanted the entire room done in cedar [to match the existing control room] so we had it shipped down from Washington State, and milled every piece in his backyard.

According to Chris: “My studio ROCKS!

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