Design & Consultation

Design & Consultation


Studio design is a multi-disciplinary craft. As the demands of professional recording studio design far exceed what is required for typical domestic or industrial construction, studio designers must possess a much broader knowledge of appropriate materials and a more thorough understanding of both general and specialized building practices.

Of course, very few architects are granted the opportunity to focus on acoustic performance [fewer still to sit in on recording sessions!]. By contrast, SaS understands the exacting requirements of producers, engineers, sound designers, musicians and A&R. SaS quickly and fully discerns your needs, and will never push you to accept ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. We then work smoothly and efficiently as your partner to realize your ideal recording environment.

SaS always takes into account the unique demands you place upon your recording space in terms of soundproofing, acoustic performance, micro-climate, electrical supply, human load, cosmetics, and equipment usage. We offer a fully-customized service because logic — and the client — demands it. ‘Off-the-shelf’ acoustic solutions can never deliver results equivalent to our tailor-made alternatives.

SaS also offers consultation services, supplying a custom package of as much or as little as you need and working with other professionals of your choice. When needed, we can also call upon the resources of structural engineers, architects, seismologists, and other specialists.

As our founder, Robert Paul Maune, sums it up: “We create ergonomic, attractive work environments that inspire their users,” adding, “…and we love a challenge!”

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