Restoration & Repair

Restoration & Repair

Abbey Road Studios

With over 15 years experience working in studios from Battery, Toerag, Britannia Row and Maison Rouge in London, to Joey’s Place (formerly Electro Vox), Little Dog, Wilder Brothers and Swinghouse in Los Angeles, SaS has encountered as many different materials and studio-building techniques as there are fader knobs. With our vast knowledge of the history of recording, we can handle the restoration of your vintage space, floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall. We also have access to a wide range of retired craftspeople in both the UK and the US to enlist when needed, so our knowledge never falls short! It’s guaranteed.

We offer the option of building in a ‘retro’ style while reaping the economic and performance benefits of modern materials. SaS has the resources to flexibly and efficiently transform your ‘dream studio’ into inspired physical reality.

Joey’s Place — When culture maven and bandleader Joey Altruda purchased a long-defunct restaurant space near Paramount Studios in Hollywood, some may have assumed he was opening a new club to perform his idiosyncratic brand of jump-jazz-meets-modern-jive. But the retro-impresario had other plans. A renaissance man from the word “go, cat, go,” Altruda knew that the space had at one time been the site of one of the most famed recording studios on the West Coast, if not the world: Electro Vox studios was host to some of the most recognizable recordings in the history of music, from the 20th Century Fox Fanfare and the original sessions that resulted in ‘Moon River,’ to sides by Frank, Dean, Bing and many of the greats from music’s ‘Golden Era,’ not to mention literally hundreds of scores for films produced just across the street at Paramount. Joey’s plan was to peel away years of kitchen grease and expose and renovate the studio that had produced so many great recordings. After a series of false starts, SaS was brought in to restore Electro Vox to its previous glory:”We tore away years of cosmetic cover,” recalls Rob, “and found that, before being abandoned by the recording engineers, the space had served as a location for movies about recording, but underneath a layer of old-school acoustic tile, there was no mass to the walls whatsoever! So we had to start more or less from scratch, soundproofed it properly, gave an early-60s acoustic treatment to the control room, Soffit-mounted the monitors inside deco-style curved columns, built a separate editing room and later, a vocal booth, and installed serious laminated studio glass panels between the control and tracking rooms. It kept its retro-appeal, but finally it worked as a studio.” Since its rebirth as Joey’s Place, performers as diverse as Joe Strummer, the Beastie Boys, and the cream of Reggae/Ska royalty have continued to make history here.

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